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Christopher Abella Biography

Christopher Abella is a thirteen year old Artist and Fashion Designer.  He attends the Expressive Arts Magnet Program at South Miami K-8 Center, one of only a select few, talent and audition-based visual arts programs in the nation.  Christopher participates in the Culturally Inspired Education (CIE) and the Computer Art Technology (CIT) programs.  His innate passion for art is inspired first and foremost from everything he sees, feels and experiences; from the architectural arches of a bridge, to the expressive eyes of orphan Haitian toddlers.  He captures the hidden beauty in all his surroundings.


December 10, 2010
New Professions Technical Institute
Annual Exhibition for Doral Conservatory & School of the Arts
4000 West Flagler St Miami, FL 33134

January 20, 2011
Doral Conservatory & School of the Arts
Third Solo Exhibition
2900 NW 109th Ave - Doral, FL 33172

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Christopher's sensitive line quality, amazing compositional sense, as well as his creativity and dedication to his art has made him one of the top young artists in the county. His artwork has been shown in a variety of art exhibitions throughout the city, and has won awards. “Christopher's artistic ability is nothing short of amazing,” commands, Ms. Laurie Russell, Visual Arts Teacher at South Miami K-8 Center. “His ability ranks among the greatest of all students I have taught over the past 37 years,” quotes Ms. Marilyn Traeger Polin, a Retired Art Teacher, and Artist.  His passion is fashion, yet he uses his formidable talents to demonstrate his vision in drawing, painting, photography, and Photoshop without hesitation, and with finesse.  His intellectual capacity allows him to critically analyze works of art, plan and explain his process, and learn and use Photoshop.  “Christopher has a gift, a keen eye, is a creative thinker, and an amazing artist,” states Ms. Alejandra Parra-Pardo, Visual Arts Teacher. “He certainly is ahead of his age and time when I refer to his artistic skills and technique,” adds Ms. Parra-Pardo.

When you see Christopher's work you would never imagine that it was created by a child. It is sophisticated, thoughtful, and filled with details which set it apart from the work of others. Christopher is an intense artist; he works on a project relentlessly and tirelessly until it is completed to his satisfaction. He is open to suggestions and critique - art is his life and it guides his actions.  Christopher is a most serious artist and has the ability to complete any project with the intent of exceeding expectations and totally impressing all concerned.

Christopher's future ambition is to be a fashion designer. He has completed the sketching of a variety of collections, which have been exhibited at four solo exhibitions, as well as on eight TV interviews, Univision, Primer Impacto; Channel 7 News; Telemundo, Al Rojo Vivo;  Mega TV, Maria Elvira Live; America TeVe, El Show de Fernando Hidalgo; Univision, Despierta America; and CBS4 News. On June 16th, 2011, Trio on the Bay, at North Bay Village, Florida, hosted Christopher’s debut as a Fashion Designer presenting his first Red Carpet collection.

On March 21, 2012, Christopher was selected as a Finalist at the Miami Beach Fashion Week, International Student Designer 2012 Competition.  He competed against university students from more than 15 countries.  On November 10, 2012, Bella Faire invited Christopher to showcase his First Red Carpet Collection for the second time.  The event, Midnight in Paris will be held at the Historic Lakeside Inn, at Mount Dora, Florida. 

Ms. Tracy Ellyn, a 7th Avenue Fashion Designer, recently wrote, “I have been a fashion designer for nearly thirty years, and when in New York, I worked for such names as Diane Von Furstenberg, Christian Dior, and Argenti. But never in my years did I ever see someone so very young with the sophistication and imagination it requires to be a true designer.  He seems to have an early understanding of the elegance of the female proportion and the fabrications and design elements required to carry it out.”